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13. Dezember 2022

Unser „alte“ Salonfreundin Jenny Simanowitz hat sich noch nie ein Blatt vor den Mund genommen, wenn es um „heiße“ Themen ging. Nun hat sie dem Magazin TedXVienna ein Interview gegeben, dass für junge und alte Salonlöw*innen empfehlenswert ist.

I just refuse to accept that old is bad. I have also learned very thoroughly, through my research as a communication trainer, that people often see you the way you see yourself.

Jenny Simanowitz

Schaut mal rein ins Magazin TedXVienna und lasst Euch von Jenny Simanowitz inspirieren.

Could you share some tips on how women should embrace the process of ageing?

There are no “tips”. Every woman is different and must make individual choices. Having said that I would recommend:

  • Staying healthy (Number 1 priority!)
  • Leaving aside the question “What will people say?” which plagues us our entire life!
  • Love your body, complete with fat, wrinkles, folds in the wrong places, etc.
  • Don’t let imperfections get you down (in my case, it’s my bad hearing!)
  • Have a few really good friends and some younger friends who you see regularly (you don’t want all your friends to die before you do!)
  • Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to (and don’t have to)
  • Follow whatever interest you have passionately… whether it’s keeping bees or having erotic chats!
  • Leave your children and grandchildren in peace and get on with your life! By this, I don’t mean you shouldn’t love and help them. But they shouldn’t become the centre of your life. You’ve done your job as a mother and probably a pretty good job. Now they should take full responsibility for their lives and respect your need for a life of your own. Many women “use” their grandchildren to find meaning in their life. Grandchildren are meaningful of course. But they can’t be a substitute for your life! They (your children) decided to have a child, not you!

Und für jene, die nicht nur darüber reden wollen, hier eine kleine Anregung zum Abbau der weihnachtlichen Kekspfunde:

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